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Turquoise Couch

Mental Health Coaching
For Overwhelmed Adults

Who I Help

Welcome! I help stressed men and women who feel crippled by burn-out learn to restore themselves again. I work with the doers, the go-getters, and the strong ones who feel like they always have to hold it all together.

They oftentimes feel the weight of the world caving in on them because there's not enough time to get things done, and not enough of them to go around. They want freedom and to find themselves and learn what they like.

Like many of us, they too have a hard time saying no to others and asking for help when they're in need. After working with me, they begin to feel lighter, happier with their choices, and more confident in vocalizing what they need and deserve. Start where you are and let me help you unpack!


Individual Coaching 

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Mindfulness For Corporate Teams


“D.J. is so good at what she does! I’ve learned so much from the support groups she’s facilitated. She is thorough and intelligent in her approach. Every discussion with her felt so comforting or organic.” 

Daja R., GA

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